10 Things First-Year Honors Students Should Know

The first months of college can be overwhelming. We asked honors sophomores, juniors, and seniors “What do you wish someone would have told you when you first started out at MSU?” Here is their feedback:

  1. “In FYEX, the Program seems overwhelming. Keep in mind that you have four years to complete the competencies.” –Kristi Paulsen (Phycology and French, ’15)
  2. “I wish I would have known that I was going to enjoy research. During my first year, I thought research was going to be my least favorite competency, but I learned that research was a more active form of learning that accompanied my field of study. It’s not all lab coats and goggles.” –Lauren Bach (Phycology, ’15)
  3. “I really wish I would have gone to an E-folio defense before senior year.”—Tia Jacoby (Communication Disorders, ’15)
  4. “Keep in mind there are other ways to develop global citizenship outside of studying abroad. Volunteering at places like the Cada House and the Lincoln Center qualifies. Remember culture is not exclusive to race. Culture includes the elderly, disabled, and people who experience poverty.” –Julia Hamann (Social Work, ’16)
  5. “Study really hard for your first exam. It is always easier to maintain a good grade than to improve a poor one.” –Michala Schramm (Accounting, ’17)
  6. “Getting the right professor in a course can make the world a difference.” –Andrew Nicholson (Biomedical Sciences and Chemistry, ’15)
  7. “I recommend familiarizing yourself with the general education and seminar requirements for honors. The student hand book found on the honors website is useful. (http://www.mnsu.edu/honors/studenthandbook.html)”—Shelby Flegel (Psychology, ’15)
  8. “Take advantage of events that focus on research and beginning research early on in your time in the program. Even a base knowledge will help you when the time comes for you to start your own project!” –Makenzie Petzel (Social Work, ’16)
  9. “Take advantage of the Office of University Fellowships located right in the honors office. Ginny Walters can help you search and apply for fellowships and scholarships.” –Rachael Igo (Creative Writing, ’16)
  10. “Get involved. There are so many fun activities and organizations to be a part of. The more you do, the more people you will meet. They are what make the college experience some of the best days of your life.”—Mikyla Denney (Spanish, ’17)