New Beginnings, What Are You Looking Forward To?

Introduction by Rachael Igo (Mendota Heights, MN)

Isn’t it wonderful when life cleans our slate for a fresh start? Spring semester has always been one of my favorite new beginnings. Unlike the work place, the school system instills within us the security of being able to start again after reflecting on our successes and failures. I find it so refreshing to get a month long break and come back with new classes, new schedules, and a new year.

Last semester we started our blog with a post written by upper class students who gave advice to first-year students. Now we want to hear from the first-year students and learn about what they look forward to as this new semester begins. Here are their responses.

“Now that I know more about the Honors Program I am excited to make better use of its benefits by exploring academic opportunities and networking by meeting more professors.” –Courtney Sill (Wabasha, MN)

“I am looking forward to spending more time with my friends and meeting new people.” –Kate Anderson (Lacrescent, MN)

“I am excited about new learning opportunities.” –Kellie Wong (Ankeny, IA)

“I am looking forward to my Honors leadership course, Exploring Leadership in the Context of Conference Development and to begin learning my second language.” –Spencer Sulflow (Montevideo, MN)

“I cannot wait for the Spring Concert.” –Lexi Cummings (Brook Park, MN)

“I am really looking forward to Caryn Lindsay’s Becoming Global Citizens Honors Seminar.” –Katherine Albers (Sheldon, IA)

“I want to try new things.” –Jaci Ullrich (Clear Lake, IA)

“I am looking forward to improving my Spanish fluency for my minor and also my global citizenship competency.” –Sarah Aldrich (Jordan, MN)


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