A Welcome Message from Your First-Year Learning Community Coordinator

A Welcome Message from Your First-Year Learning Community Coordinator

By: Katelynn Malecha (Lonsdale, MN; Exercise Science & Pre-OT, ’18)


The Learning Community Coordinator (LCC) is a role that I am ecstatic to fulfill this coming academic year for the Honors Program. I vividly remember my first year here at Minnesota State University, Mankato (MNSU) and signing up for the Honors First-Year Learning Community, recalling how excited I was to be a part of a community of students that all have a common goal: to push themselves even harder in their university years. We wanted something that would set us apart by being a leader, global citizen, and researcher. The community was a group of people that I could always count on and was structured by our LCC Ali Oku Eastman. I remember thinking, “Who is this LCC, what does LCC stand for, and how will this change my college experience?” Little did I know that this man was here for the first-year honors students to make sure we understand what the Honors Program is and to make us feel like we are a part of not only the Honors Program, but also as a community- a family. We volunteered as a group for Echo Food Shelf, ice skated, rock climbed, attended plays, cooked a large Thanksgiving meal, participated in study groups, listened to professors’ advice on how to study for finals, and took part in many other fun events that contributed to making my first year memorable.

This coming year I am fortunate enough to be the Honors First-Year LCC and could not be more excited to help first-year honors students! This past year, I was the MNSU German Club Vice President. Through this role, I discovered the importance of thorough communication, organization, flexibility, and enthusiasm.  I learned that I cannot always expect large attendance, but to always make the most of who does attend. I plan to keep this optimism in the Learning Community (LC). I want all of the Honors First-Year LC members to know that my door will be open to assist them academically or as another friend or resource to help with their successes and failures (but every failure can become a success). I will keep track of their academic progress, clarify any questions, form study groups, create fun bonding activities, and navigate them through their first year here at MNSU. After all, one only has a one freshman year at college, so I want to help make it their best!

In addition, to being the Honors First-Year LCC I also am the Honors Executive Board Secretary, so I plan to use both roles to benefit each other. My leadership skills will be put to the test this coming year and I am thrilled to not only help students, but also to see the impact that they leave on me. I had a wonderful and memorable first year, so now it is my turn to give back and help first-year students, as I was helped my first year.