Meet Our New Staff Members

This year we have two new staff members in the Honors Office. Please read their introductions below.

Sara Baranczyk


My name is Sara Baranczyk, and I am a sophomore in the Honors Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I am double-majoring in Physics Education and Communication Arts and Literature Education. My goal is to eventually become a high school teacher, but I am not entirely sure which subject I want to teach (hence the double-major). Education is something that I am very passionate about and hope to help improve for future generations of students. Other passions of mine include food, literature, and art. I am really excited to join the Honors Leadership Team as the Media Relations Coordinator. I have always enjoyed writing and reporting, so I think this job is well-suited for me. Rachael Igo, the current Media Relations Director, is training me in to take over her position after she graduates. I am looking forward to this semester and having the opportunity to get to know everyone a little bit better this year.

Mariah Sletten


My name is Mariah Sletten. I am a freshman and student worker in the Honors Office. I joined the Honors Program and applied to be a part of the Honors Office team for many reasons – the main one being to obtain as many resources as possible to aid me in my efforts to make some type of a difference. I have a strong desire to become a social worker. I have enjoyed being able to listen to people’s problems and to do my best to help them since I was a child. This is the focus group I would love to help the most. The adoption process and foster care systems in particular are the two areas that I believe would allow me to strive to accomplish these aspirations. I would like to leave you with what will probably be the most important information to know about me: I am a huge book, music, and (drumroll please) Netflix enthusiast. I enjoy utilizing these tools to help me find my balance and unwind after a long day.


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