NCHC Chicago 2015

November 12-15, six of us traveled to Chicago for the 2015 National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) Conference. We had a wonderful experience learning and would like to share with you our favorite aspects of the conference.

NCHCAshley Kanak, Lexi Turgeon, Dr. Anne Dahlman, Rachael Igo, Tyler Keller, Katelynn Malecha

Ashley Kanak

Student lead presentations and roundtables at NCHC are a way to measure and assess what students want from their honors education. There are many great ideas from university honors programs and colleges from courses to peer mentorship which elicits lively conversations about what works best at their institution. Making connections, learning about best practices, and discovering new techniques for honors education is what the conference is about. What I find to be the most evident is that many programs discuss the value of leadership development, research presentations, and opportunities for community and cultural engagement. This brings a sense of great pride knowing that these values are deeply-rooted into our honors program at MNSU. I believe that in sending students to learn about new ideas our honors program understands that there is always room for growth when it comes to honors education.

Lexi Turgeon

Attending the National Collegiate Honors Conference was a wonderful learning experience! I was able to attend a number of sessions put on by different Honors Programs from around the country. One of the main things I took away from these sessions is that our Honors Program is pretty great! As Honors Student Council President I plan to communicate with the students about some of the ideas we brought back from the conference, and continue to shape the program!

Dr. Anne Dahlman

The trip to NCHC was a very enriching experience.  Hearing about the programs and experiences from many other Honors Programs across the nation reaffirmed that our Honors Program is an excellent one and that we do many things well.  At the same time, we came home with our heads full of ideas for improving our program.  You will see these improvements put into practice starting already this spring.

Rachael Igo

My favorite part about the NCHC conference was building community with others.  The six of us who traveled to Chicago from Mankato got to know each other really well during our trip. It was really fun to learn about Honors Programs and explore Chicago together, and we enjoyed discussing our ideas with one another. It was also a great experience to meet other members of the honors community from places all over the nation.

Tyler Keller

My favorite part about attending NCHC was participating on a panel with other students across the nation talking about our Honors Program. Through this panel I had the chance to brag about how awesome our program is and offer advice to upcoming Honors Programs. It made me realize how successful our program is but also showed me ways our program can be improved. I hope to be able to use some of the ideas we learned to implement in the future.

Katelynn Malecha

Attending NCHC was one of the best opportunities I’ve had in my whole college experience and education. One of the most impactful sessions included the “Honors Living/Learning Communities.” Being the First-Year Honors Learning Community Coordinator I found this session extremely beneficial to hear what other universities are doing within their Honors Programs, Honors Colleges, and Learning Communities. This session was a roundtable in which the audience is encouraged to share or ask questions to the presenters. I found this useful in the way I could ask other directors opinions on the program here or their programs. NCHC was a wonderful experience and I hope to present at it next year.


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