From Our Community to Yours

This year several of our students will be Learning Community Coordinators for some of Minnesota State University, Mankato’s many learning communities. Read what some of them have to say about this opportunity.

Okhumhekho Kassim, ’17

20151218_134611_HDR-2%5b1%5dMy name is Okhumhekho Kassim. I usually go by Kassim, Okhus, or Ify. I am currently a senior at Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU), studying Bio-Medical Science and Chemistry with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine. I am from Benin City, Nigeria.  I like to engage in extracurricular activities, and I partake as a member of several Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) and societies such as the Pre-Med club, Minority Association for Pre-health Students (MAPS), Beta Beta Beta biological honor society, African Student Association (ASA). I have led few leadership positions in some of the organizations. I also love to dance, cook, bike, hike, fish, play sports, and indoor games.

During the 2016/2017 academic year, I will be the Learning Community Coordinator (LCC) for Pre-Professional students. I look forward to meeting and embracing the inspired Pre-Professional students to the Learning Community. My aim for the Pre-professional Learning Community is to assist the students with their academic and career goals as well as helping them balance academics with extracurricular activities. I aim to assist the students with any academic difficulty they may have and encourage them to utilize the university’s resources for their benefits. I will apply and share previous experiences I have gained at MSU while being the LCC. I also aim to build a strong community of motivated students who share similar goals. I believe having a great foundation during the first year enhances a student’s academic success.

Ana Leyva, ’19

12312471_1220972987929309_552152538_nMy name is Ana Leyva and I’m a sophomore Music Education student with a minor in Theater here at MSU. It is rather hard to say where I’m originally from, since I was born and raised in Mexicali, Mexico. However, I also lived a big part of my life in Calexico, California until my senior year of high school, when my family and I moved to a Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. So far, my life really has been a rollercoaster due to all the changes I’ve been through in such a short amount of time. Yet, I’ve had so many meaningful experiences along the way, including my first year experience at MSU. This academic year, I will be the Learning Community Coordinator for the Exploring Education Learning Community which focuses on students becoming secondary education teachers. This fills me up with excitement as I will be meeting new people with the same passion for education as I have. Likewise, I’ll be given the opportunity to lead them throughout their process of transition into college and, hopefully, make it as memorable and enjoyable as mine.

Liesel Theusch, ’19

My name is Liesel Theusch, and I am a sophomore Math Education major in the Honors program. In my first year as a college and Honors student, I was very involved in the music ensembles on-campus and officiating intramural sports. I think it is safe to say I found my niche and loved every minute of my first year at MSU!

This coming academic year I will be acting as the Intro to Science, Engineering, and Technology Learning Community Coordinator (LCC), and I can’t wait to get started! After living in the Honors learning community during my first year, I want to share the sense of family with other learning community members that I experienced. I highly anticipate this experience because of the impact I am able to have on other students in their social and academic pursuits. The opportunity to influence others’ experiences is one of the foremost reasons I plan to become a teacher and I think these two roles will be very closely related. Acting as an LCC will teach me skills to further my aptitude in my future career as an educator as well as the Honors competencies in a fun way.

Spencer Sulflow, ’18

Spencer SulflowMy name is Spencer Sulflow, and I am an Exercise Science Major with a Pre-Physical Therapy emphasis. I grew up in Montevideo, Minnesota, and enjoy running, disc golfing and photography. Additionally I am involved in the Honors Program, Cru, Pre-Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Club and Encounter. I will be coordinating the Sophomore/Junior Learning Community this year. Having been in both the Freshman and Sophomore Honors Learning Communities the last two years, I have benefited in so many ways both academically and socially. I am excited to help pass this on to new honors students through my role as an LCC. As a learning community member I learned how important a positive community can be in college, especially being involved in one right from the start. This not only helped me stay focus on academics, but also gave me other opportunities to get involved.