Three Simple Joys

The beginning of October means that warm weather is long gone, midterms are around the corner and students are becoming more stressed by the minute. With this busy time ahead, we asked students to take a moment and reflect on some things that give them joy. We received over 50 responses, and here were some of their responses:

“Music, Friends, Sleep”

“Coffee, color coded notes, and my roommates”

“Hiking, writing, and drawing”

“Petting my dog, fall air, candles”

“A long night’s rest, something making me laugh with my friends, feeling like I had a productive day”

“God, God’s Creation, and God’s Love”

“Books, coffee, sunny days”

“Iced coffee, candles, wearing comfy clothes”

“Plants, music, candles”

“Quiet time, Church, My Journal”

“Crisp autumn air, morning yoga in my pajamas, a warm cup of coffee in my favorite mug”

“Sports, Painting, Grey’s Anatomy”

“Taking a long nap, reading a good book, and petting cute dogs”

“Music, coloring, chocolate milk for breakfast”

“Popcorn, planners, and hope”

“Naps, candy, a good belly laugh”

“Music, video games, driving”

“Video games, music that fits the moment, dozing off under a blanket in the evenings”

“Coffee, blankets, Grey’s Anatomy”

“Home cooking, hot tea, spending time with roommates”

“Music, Hot Chocolate, and Food”

“Laughter, friendship, accomplishment”

“Fly a kite, look at old pictures, call a picture”

“The smell of rain, sweatshirts, quesadillas”

“My family, my health, reading”

“Personal time, exercise, and surrounding myself with people I love”

“Sleeping in, reading, and thunderstorms”

“Watching Netflix in PJs, coffee, and checking off boxes!”

“Coffee, hanging with friends, playing cards”

“Laying in a hammock, rock climbing, and taking naps”

“Sitting by moving water, beating Emma in Bananagrams, Reading a good book!”